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computer material for bank exams , computer awareness bits for bank exams computer bits for sbi clerk / po exam , computer questions and answers 2012 for bank exams in india .

1) Which is the latest platform of Intel Centrio microprocessor ?
1) Napa 2) Caramel 3) Sonoma 4) Sante Rosa 5) None
2) What is RISC ?
1) Storage Device 2) Computer Network 3) Microprocessor
4) Operating System 5) None of these
3) ‘NORTON’ is an ____
1) Software 2) Anti-Virus 3) Network 4) Programme 5) None
4) The system file of an operating system is –
1) ASM 2)COM 3)DOT 4) 1 & 2 5) None of these
5) ATMS of bank have----
1) e-money 2) Only money transferring capabilities
3) Real Currency 4) Plastic Money 5) None of these
6) A programme that converts high level language to machine
language is ------
1) Linker 2) Assembler 3) Interpreter 4) Compiler 5) None
7) ‘.txt’ files can be made in-----
1) Notepad 2) Ms Word 3) DOS Editor 4) All of these 5)None
Cool .Zip is a -----file.
1) Executable File 2) Compressed File 3) System File
4) Combo 5) None of these
9) Internet is a -------.
1) LAN 2) WAN 3) Intranet Work 4) MAN 5) None of these
10) MP3 technology compresses a sound sequence to --- of its
original size.
1) One-Twelfth 2) One-Fourth 3) Half 4) One-Third 5) None
11) At a time how many operating system can be at work on a
computer ?
1) Only one 2) Two 3) Three 4) Four 5) None of these
12) A cluster represents-
1) A group of tracks 2) A group of sectors
3) Total number of tracks present on the disk
4) Total number of sectors present on the disk
5) None of these
13) Answer Sheets in bank PO’s/Clerk’s examinations are
checked by using –
1) Optical Character Reader 2) Optical Mark Reader
3) Magnetic ink Character Reader 4) Any of the above 5) None
14) Electronic Data Exchange is-
1) Alternative name of E-mail
2) Can’t actually exchange data between two machines
3) Provides strategic and operational business opportunity
4) All of the above 5) None of these
15) Digital signals used in ISDN have-.
1) Discrete values 2) Whole number values 3) Any value
4) Fractional value 5) None of these
16) Which of the following is a language translation software ?
1) Assembler 2) Loader 3) Linker 4) All of these 5) None
17) Manual data can be put into computer by-.
1) Keyboard 2) MICR 3) OCR 4) Scanner 5) None of these
18) In a bank, after computerization cheques are taken care of
by –
1) Keyboard 2) MICR 3) OCR 4) Scanner 5) None of these
19) The banks use ------ device to minimize conversion process.
1) Keyboard 2) MICR 3) OCR 4) Scanner 5) None of these
20) Image can be sent over telephone lines by using ------
1) Larger bandwidth 2) Fax 3) Scanner 4) Cable 5) None
21) Which of the following elements is unique to Smart Card ?
1) Magnetic stripe 2) Microchip 3) Signature
4) Photograph 5) None of these
22) MS-DOS is a ----
1) Single-user operating System 2)Multi-user operating System
3) Multi-tasking operating system
4) Tri dimension Operating System 5) None of these
23) Bandwidth means-
1) Channel capacity 2) Amount of data following via cables
3) Measure of speed 4) All of the above 5) None of these
24) Which of the following can be used for scientific and
commercial purpose ?
1) Basic 2) COBOL 3) C 4) ADA 5) None of these
25) All computer can execute –
1) Basic Programmes 2) COBOL
3) Machine Language Programmes 4) FORTRAN Programmes
5) None of these
26) Programmes stored in which of the following memories
can’t be erased ?
1) RAM 2) ROM 3) Cache Memory
4) Virtual Memory 5)None
27) -----is used for high speed telecommunications-
1) Internet 2) Ethernet 3) Modem 4) Mouse 5) None
56) Power Point can display data form which of the following
add-in software of MS-Office:
1) Equation Editor 2) Organization Chart 3) Photo Album
4) All of these 5) None of these
57) What is Active Desktop
1) A term that is synonymous with viewing your destop as a
web page.
2) A feature to customize your desktop to display information
you can update from the Internet
3) Both 1 and 2 above mentioned
4) A software 5) None of these
58) Active Window means
1) The active window is designated by a different color toolbar
than other open windows.
2) The window that is currently open.
3) Both 1 and 2 above mentioned
4) The window that is last used
59)A bitmap is
1) Is a format which windows use for desktop wall paper.
2) a graphic file format made up of small dots.
3) A specific kind of bitmap file with the .BMP extension.
4) All of the above 5) None of these
60) Which of the following printers generates character from a
1) Inkjet 2) Laser 3) Daisy wheel 4) Dot matrix 5) None
61) A letter, memo, proposal or other file that is created using
Microsoft Word is called as
1) master 2) Slide 3) document 4) worksheet 5) None
62) The meaning of double-click is
1) pushing and releasing the main mouse button twice in rapid
succession when the on-tree mouse pointer is positioned over
the desired item
2) appearance of an icon
3) to take a selection from the document and move it to the
4) All of the above 5) None of these
63) A folder:
A) is an organizational tool used to store files.
B) is synonymous with directory, but folder is the newer
preferred term
C) contains data
1) A only 2) B only 3) C only 4) A & C only 5) None
64) A dialog box is a one
1) which is a sort of on-screen from where you can fill in the
blanks, make selections from lists and choose various
combinations of options and settings.
2) in which you can connect to another Internet user and
establish a audio and video contact using Microsoft Word.
3) in which you can give verbal commands to Microsoft Word
4) All of the above 5) None of these
65) Acronym www in, stands for
1) World Word in Wonder 2) World Wide Web
3) World web is widening 4) Wonderful World Web
5) None of these
66) The vast network of computers that connects millions of
people all over the world is called ______
1) LAN 2) Web 3) Hypertext 4) Internet 5) None of these
67) The software component of an expert system that draws
conclusions is the ____
1) user interface 2) database 3) inference engine
4) I/O controller 5) model base
68) Which of the following is a term related with scanners ?
1) Laser 2) TWAIN 3) Catridge 4) Media 5) None of these
69) Line printer speed is specified in terms of:
1) LPM ( Line per minute) 2) CPM (Character per minute)
3) DPM 4) Any of the above 5) None of these
70) CRT stands for:
1) Copper Rod/Tube 2) Cathode Ray Tube
3) Completely Ready Tube 4) All of the above 5) None
71) A bootable disk is ______________.
1) a disk in the computer which can be easily updated
2) a disk that contains all the system files of DOS
3) a disk loaded with the information from the internet
4) a disk loaded with all the software
5) None of these
72) In Excel, Pie charts can be plotted on
1) multiple data series 2) only one data series
3) only two data series 4) Only three data series 5) None
73) To prevent a slide from being displayed during the slide
show we:
1) have to delete the slide
2) can hide the slide by using the animation button
99) Which of the following are the functions of DOS ?
A) Controlling the input and output operations
B) Controlling the interaction between the user and the
C) Controlling the process of storing and organizing different
1) Only (A) 2) Only (A) and (B) 3) Only (B) and (C)
4) All (A) ,(B) and (C) 5) None of these
100) An excel Workbook is a collection of :
1) Charts 2) Workbooks 3) Worksheets
4) Worksheets and charts 5) None of these
101) An inter-company network which used to distribute infor-
mation, documents files and databases, is called as
1) LAN 2) Extranet 3) WAN 4) MAN 5) None of these
102) A cursor is
1) to make a selection form the document and duplicate it on
the clipboard
2) a symbol the designates the position on the screen where text
or codes will be inserted or deleted.
3) pressing and holding the main mouse button.
4) A button in a dialog box. 5) None of these
103) The meaning of Cut is
1) to take a selection from the document and move it to the
2) to cut a document in two unequal parts.
3) to cut a document in two equal parts.
4) only 2 and 3 above are correct. 5) None of these
104) ____________ means to enlarge a window to its maximum
area so that it will full entire desktop.
1) Maximize 2) Zoom 3) Enlarge 4) Extend 5) None of these
105) What is HTML
1) it is developed for world wide web (www).
2) used for all the formatted documents.
3) to make formatted web documents with links, those can be
viewed in Web Browser.
4) All of the above 5) None of these
106) What is an icon
1) it is some action performed when some thing like menu or
button is clicked.
2) it is small graphical image which is used to represented an
application, command, or a tool.
3) both 1 and 2 4) A folder 5) None of the above
107) _________ is an area of memory assigned to store any
e-mail message for the user
1) Outlook Express 2) 3) Post-Box
4) Mailbox 5) None of these
108) a software to convert a complete HLL Program to machine
language in one go
1) complier 2) assembler 3) loader 4) Interpretter 5) None
109) Which of the following statements is/are true ?
1) Cache Memories are bigger than RAM
2) Cache Memories are smaller than RAM
3) ROM are faster than RAM
4) Information in ROM can be written by users 5) None
110) MOS stands for _______:
1) Most Often Stored 2) Metal Oxide Semiconductor
3) Method Organised Stack 4) All of the above
5) None of these
111) A Browser is a
1) tool for creating a database
2) software program to view web pages on the internet
3) printing device
4) software program to delete a folder
5) None of these
112) VIRUS stands for
1) Very Important Record User Searched
2) Verify Interchanged Result Until Source
3) Virtual Information Resource Under Seize
4) Very Important Resource Under Search
5) None of these
113) Formatting toolbar is applied to
1) select paragraph only 2) select characters only
3) select both characters and paragraphs
4) select whole document only
5) None of the above
114) The server on the Internet is also known as a:
1) Repeater 2) Host 3) Gateway 4) ISP 5) None of these
115) What is the name of the list that stores the URLs of the
web pages and links visited in the past few days ?
1) Link list 2) Page list 3) History list 4) List 5) None
116) What is a web-site ?
1) A place from where we can get information in documents
and files
140) A picture, map or graphic or image that can be used in a
document is known as
1) Clip 2) Object 3) Clip Board 4) Drag Drop 5) None
141) A processor that collects the transmissions from several
communications media and send them over a single line
that operates at a higher capacity is called_______
1) multiplexer 2) bridge 3) hub 4) router 5) None of these
142) Bandwidth refers to _______
1) the cost of the cable require to implement a WAN
2) the cost of the cable required to implement a LAN
3) the amount of information a peer-to-peer network can store
4) the amount of information a communications medium can
transfer in a given amount of time
5) None of these
143) ________ is a primary key of one file that also appears in
another file.
1) Physical Key 2) Primary Key 3) Foreign Key
4) Logical Key 5) None of these
144) The technique that extends storage capacities of main
memory beyond the actual size of the main memory is
called _______
1) multitasking 2) virtual storage 3) multiprocessing
4) multiprogramming 5) switching
145) Which of the following correctly defines the term
E-Banking ?
A) It is the short form of Efficient Banking which means
providing all banking related services to the customers in
minimum required time during their visit to the branch.
B) E-Banking is providing banking facilities to all the
customers through ATMs only which restricts their visits to
a bank branch to a bare minimum.
C) E-Banking implies provisions of banking products and
services through electronic delivery channels like ATMs,
Phone, internet, mobile phones etc.
1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only C
4) Only A & B 5)Only A & C
146) SMTP, FTP and DNS are applications of the _____layer.
1) data link 2) network 3) transport 4) application 5) None
147) In a database, information should be organized and
accessed according to which of the following ?
1) Physical position 2) Logical structure
3) Data dictionary 4) Physical structure
5) None of these
148) A compiler _______.
1) translates machine language into a high level language
2) translates one statement at a time as the program executes
3) translates two statements at a time as the program executes
4) produces object code
5) is less sophisticated than an assembler
149) A sender must not be able to deny that he sent a specific
message when he is fact did. This is an aspect of security
called ________.
1) privacy 2) authentication 3) integrity
4) non-repudiation 5) None of these
150) This is the process of getting access to the computer
1) Sign in 2) Log in 3) Log on 4) Enter 5) None of these
151) The speed of a computer is measured in the units of------
1)Bits 2)MIPS 3)Bytes 4)MB’s 5) None of these
152)In the fifth generation PC’s & Microcomputer were
developed by using .
1)Microprocessors 2)IC’s 3)Transistors
4)Triodes 5) None of these
153)In computer, Memory instructions & Data are stored in the
form of-----
1)Letters 2)Sectors 3)0’s & 1’s 4)Characters 5) None
154) Warm Booting is executed by pressing the keys ?
1)Ctrl + Alt+ Del 2)Ctrl + Home 3)Del
4)Ctrl + End 5) None of these
155)FOXPRO is a ---------
1)RDMBS 2)DBMS 3)Language 4)None
156)ASCII stands for
1)Americal Standards Code for Interchange
2)All Symbolic Code for Instructions Interchange
3)Americal Standards code for Integration of Instructions
4) Americal Standards code for Intsructions Interchange
5) None of these
157)Modem is a--------
1)Code changing system 2)Program conversion system
3)Modulator –Demodulator system
4)Demodulator –Modulator system 5) None of these
158)Floppy disk is a--------
1)Flexible storage 2)Permanent storage 3)ROM
4)Fast Storage 5) None of these
181) 1 MB (Mega bytes) =
1)1000 bytes 2)1024 KB 3)1024 bytes 4) None of these
182)A small blinking line on Monitor ------
1) escape 2)cursor 3)arrow 4) None of these
183)Example of GUI operating system
1)Novel Operating System version 4.1
2)MS-DOS 3)Oracle Power Objects 4)Windows 3.11
5) None of these
184)---------is a task given to the computer
1)Program 2)File 3)Application 4) None of these
185)Operating system is one type of-----
1)Application software 2)System software 3)Package
4) None of these
186)An -------is a program that acts as an interface between the
user and the computer and vice-versa
1)Operating system 2)Package 3)Device driver 4) None
187)Which tool is used to change the keyboard and mouse
setting in Windows’95
1)My computer 2)Control Panel 3)Windows Explorer
4)Printers 5) None of these
188)--------is a small program that makes a hardware or a device
to work
1)Device driver 2)Software 3)Driver 4) None of these
189)------is a software that is used to perform a set of tasks to
achieve a certain results
1)System software 2)Application Software
3)Device driver 4) None of these
190)Macros in MS-DOS
1)Stored in the RAM 2)Stored on the Disk
3)Stored in the ROM 4) None of these
191)In-----processing, the input data are typically recorded on
the source documents before being converted into a
machine-readable form .
1)Online 2)Batch 3)Real 4)Time-Sharing 5) None
192)------Ram is used on the Primary Storage Sections.
1)Static Ram 2)Dynamic Ram 3)RAM 4) None
193)------Computers can be used for general purpose and
different applications
1)Digital 2)Hybrid 3)Super 4)Macro 5) None of these
194) IBM-AS400 is an Example of
1)Micro Computer 2)Digital Computer 3)Mini Computer
4)Hybrid Computer 5) None of these
195) IBM4381 is an example of
1)Mini Computer 2)Digital Computer 3)Super Computer
4)Mainframe Computer 5)None of these
196)EEPROM stands for
1) Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
2)Erasable Electrical Programmable Read Only Memory
3)Electrically Erasable Programmable Random Organize
Memory 4)None of these
197) POST is an acronym of
1)Power Off Static Test 2)Power On Selective Test
3)power On Sell Test 4)Power Off Sell-Test 5) None
198)-----is an example of Limitation of Computer
1)Accuracy 2)Storing 3)Can’t Detect Errors 4)None
199)The number of dots (Pixels) on the screen is an measure of
the -----of a monitor.
1)Resolution 2)Length 3)Width 4)Diagonal 5) None
200)The example of dangerous virus is
1)Bootable virus 2)Disk virus 3)File virus
4)Boot sector virus 5)None of these
201)----is a collection of facts, figures, statistics, which can be
processed to produce meaning full information.
1)Information 2)Data 3)Output 4)organizing 5)None
202)Which input device detects presence or absences of a mark
on a paper used in questionnaire corrections
1)Optical Character Reader (OCR)
2)Barcode Reader 3)Joystick
4)Optical Mark Reader (OMR) 5)None of these
203)In computer keyboard, which keys are configured to
perform of a set of operations by a single keystroke.
1)Alphanumeric 2)Special Keys 3)Functions keys 4)None
204)--------is a small, fast memory provided between the CPU
and Main Memory
1)Random Access Memory (RAM )
2)Processor 3)Cache Memory 4)None of these
205)Which Software used to control and co-ordinate the
hardware resources of computer.
1)Application Software 2)Special Software
3)System Software 4)packages 5)None of these
206) 1024 Mega bytes make a
1)Kilo Byte 2) 1 Byte 3)1 GB (Giga Byte)
4)1 MB (Mega Byte ) 5)None of these
235)Refers to a combination of text, graphics, sound, animation
and video
1)multiplication 2)multimedia 3)multilingual
4)multimedia 5) None of these
236)Use the mouse, put the pointer on an object, hold down the
button, move the mouse, and release. Moves an object to a
new location.
1) drag 2) mouse 3) button 4) keyboard 5) None of these
237)Comes from the two words, “Picture Element” thousands of
small dots arranged in parallel rows to form an image on
the screen .
1)prelim 2)pixels 3)pigment 4)pint 5) None of these
238) “SCSI” is an acronym for what ?
1)Secret Code Sales Initiated 2) Security code system
3)Security Computer System Interface
4)Small Computer System Interface 5) None of these
239) What is a “URL” address ?
1)An Address of information on a hard drive
2)The physical address of an ISP
3)An address of a resource or file accessible on the Internet
4)Assigned file location of POP3 email 5) None of these
240) What is data entered into a computer called ?
1)Input 2)Output 3)Information 4)Storage 5) None
241) Which of the following is an input device ?
1)Mouse 2)Key board 3)Monitor 4)Speakers 5) None
242)What general term describes the physical equipment of a
computer system, such as its video screen, key board and
storage devices ?
1)hard ware 2) input 3) software 4) output 5) None
243) Compared with a traditional card catalog, which of the
following is an advantage of an electronic card catalog ?
1) contains information on more books
2) less costly to install and operate
3) allows book to be shelved more quickly
4) allows sophisticated search strategies 5) None of these
244) What is the function of a disk drive ?
1) to print sheets of paper
2) to read form or write information to a floppy disk
3) to display information or pictures on a screen
4) to calculate numbers 5) None of these
245) Who invested the “C” Language ?
1) Steve jobs 2) Dennis Ritchie 3) John Keenly
4) Scott McNealy 5) None of these
246) A key that will erase information from the computer’s
memory and characters on the screen.
1) edit 2)delete key 3) dummy out 4)trust key 5) None
247) To insert a copy of the clipboard contest. Whatever was
last cut or copied at the insertion point.
1) paste 2) stick in 3) eraser 4) TV 5) None of these
248) The command used to remove text or graphics from a
document. The information is then stored on a clipboard so
you can paste it.
1) cut 2) potato bar 3) chop 4) page bar 5) None
249) The secret code that gives you access to some programs.
1) clue 2)cue 3)help 4)password 5) None of these
250)The different styles of lettering in a word processing
1) cursive 2)manuscript 3)font 4)calligraphy 5) None
251) Any letter, number, or symbol found on the keyboard that
you can type into the computer.
1)character 2)output 3)type 4)print 5) None of these
252) An input device used to read text and bar codes or a device
to input pictures into a computer
1)copy 2)eyes 3)scanner 4)download 5) None of these
253) Pushing the button on the mouse, to place on an icon, text,
etc. by using the pointer arrow. (cursor )
1)mousketeer 2)reading 3)scanning 4)clicking 5) None
254)The bar that is usually located immediately below the menu
bar in a window is called a
1)tool bar 2)disk bar 3)window bar
4)catalog bar 5) None of these
255) The part of the computer that does the math calculations
1) Arithmetic logic 2)monitor 3)numbers
4)symbols 5) None of these
256) The piece of hardware that converts your computer’s
digital signal to an analog signal that can travel over
telephone lined is called a
1)red wire 2) blue cord 3)tower 4)modem 5) None
257) The software used to control the computer and run
1) application software 2)system software 3)games
4)virus 5) None of these

284) “PCB” stands for:
1) Programming connecting Block
2) Personal computer bios
3) Process control Block 4) None of these
285) Dos is---------operating system
1) Mano programming operating system
2)Multi programming operating system
3) Both 1 & 2 5) None of these
286) Operating system often called as
1) Windows 98 2) Ms- Dos 3) kernel 4) None of these
287) “IPC” stands for
1) Inter process communication
2) Inter program communication
3) Inter process control
4) Inter programming control 5) None of these
288) When a process exists, the operation system must
1) Free the memory used by its page table
2) Free the disk space used by its memory image
3) Free to page frames the process was using 4) All the above
289) -------attempts to keep both CPU and I/O device busy all
the time.
1) Memory 2) Buffering 3) Operating system 4) None
290) The most important aspect of job scheduling is the ability to
1) Uniprogramming 2) Multiprogamming
3) file programming 4) None of these
291) “FIFO” stands for
1) first in first out 2) first in final out 3) final in first out
4) final in final out 5) None of these
292) In the two-level directory structure, each user has it own
1)Master file Directory 2) User File Directory
3) Master File Device 4) User File Device 5) None
293) What are the three main types of computer programming
language ?
1) machine language, assemble language, high level language
2) Imperative language, functional language, declarative
3) COBOL, Fortran-77, C++ 4)Pascal, C, Dbase
294) An-------is an Electromechanical device that generates data
for a computer to read.
1) Out put device 2) Input device 3) I/O device 4) None
295) Which of these are not the example of input devices.
1) Mouse 2) Trackball 3) Key board 4) CPU 5) None
296) A connectionless protocol is more
1) Static 2) Dynamic 3) Binding 4) None of these
297) -------is a program that acts as a intermediately between a
user of a computer and the computer H/w
1) User Program 2) CPU 3) Operating system
4) Multiplexing 5) None of these
298) The ------is a measure of work for processor.
1) busy 2) through put 3) speed
4) turn around time 5) None of these
299) One Giga byte is equal to
1) 1024 bytes 2) 10242 bytes 3) 10243 bytes
4) 10244 bytes 5) None of these
300) Main memory is -------
1) Non- volatile 2) volatile 3) extended
4) expended 5) None of these
301) The relative access method is--------
1) Sequential access 2) direct access
3) indirect access 4) None of these
302) File system decides permanently in-----storage
1) Secondary 2) Primary 3) 1 and 2 4) None of these
303) The procedure of starting a computer by loading the kernel
is known as--------the system
1) Loading 2) starting 3) Booting 4) Upgrading 5) None
304) The boot strap is stored in-------
1) RAM 2) ROM 3) Cache 4)Buffer 5) None of these
305)Expand TLB
1) Transaction look aside Buffer
2) Transfer Look aside Buffer 3) Transaction Layout Buffer
4) Transfer Layout Buffer 5) None of these
306) An --------is an electromechanical device that accepts data
from a computer.
1) Input device 2) Output device 3) Virtual device 4) None
307) SPS generally referred as an---------
1) rechargeable batteries 2) device driver
3) output capacity 4) Offline UPS 5) None of these
308) -------is not the interfaces that can be used to connect the
mouse to the computer.
1) serial interface 2) dedicated mother board mouse port
3) parallel interface 4) bus card interface 5) None
309) The mouse interrupts usually occur’s if the system uses a

4) Real Access Bank Management Network
5) None of the above
336) RABMN is a:
1) Satellite based communication Network
2) Telephone based communication Network
3) 1 & 2 above 4) 1 or 2 5) None of the above
337) SWIFT stands for:
1) Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial
2) Society for WorldWeb International Financial Transactions
3) Society for WorldWide Inter-bank Financial Transactions
4) Society for World in Financial Transactions
5) None of these
338) The data is transmitted from source to destination through
a ________ medium.
1) Solid 2) Transmission 3) Baud 4) Transactions 5) None
339) Which of the following is a telecommunication device,
which translates data from digital to analog and back to
digital ?
1) Multiplexer 2) Modem 3) Protocol Converter
4) Concentrator 5) None of the above
340) Backup is :
1) A spare copy for when things go wrong and to avoid the
disaster which can follow the damaging/corruption of
2) A photocopy of the computer documents.
3) A statement of hardware inventory
4) A statement of software language
5) None of the above
341) Binary digit is known as:
1) The presentation of digits clubbed together.
2) One of the two digits used in binary notion, either 0 or 1
3) Thrice the value of the digit on the extreme right
4) Double the value of the digit on the extreme left
5) None of the above.
342) What does bug mean in a computer system?
1) Mistake in a program or an error in the working of the
2) The insects found killed in the CPU.
3) The problems which are faced in purchase of a PC
4) The virus in Mouse 5) None of the above.
343) Byte is:
1) The minimum number of bits usually enough to represent
one character that computer can handle as one unit
2) The total weight of a computer including printer
3) The piece of memory built into a computer.
4) The number of keys in keyboard
5) None of these
344) Password is :
1) a group of characters required to be given correctly when
demanded by a computer before it will allow access to the
2) a device for plotting graphs.
3) 1 & 2 above 4) 2 only 5) None of the above
345) Virus is a:
1) routine introduced into a program which when activated
produces unwanted results and spreads infection from one
disk to another.
2) device which is required for efficient working of a computer
3) Virus is a program, which removes problems in a computer.
4) Language in Computer 5) None of the above
346) Terminal is a :
1) Device connected to a computer that allows you input and
output of data.
2) Device connected to a computer that terminates the
3) 3) 1 and 2 above 4) 1 or 2 5) None of the above
347) Name of the file in use will appear on ______ Bar.
1) Task 2) Menu 3) Status 4) Title 5) Bottom of Page
348) What is software ?
1) Machine parts made of soft material
2) Covers you put on the computer parts for protection
3) Step by Step instructions given to computer
4) Machine which is soft
5) None of these
349) To select the entire document_______ option from
keyboard is to be used.
1) Ctrl + Shift + End 2) Ctrl + Shift + Delete
3) Ctrl + Shift + Alt 3) Ctrl + Shift + Home
5) Ctrl + Shift + Esc
350) The full step wise process of closing a computer is called
1) Shutting 2)Closing 3) Log off 4) Shut down 5) None



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Post  naveenar on Fri May 03, 2013 10:30 am

Can you please provide answers for these questions . .? ? ?


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